Latest raffle winners:

C17 Raffle: 30th June 2017
•1st prize: Ms S Bellamy, (Shropshire). Ticket No. 02405.
•2nd prize: Mrs R Baldwin, (Lancashire). Ticket No. 19144.
•3rd prize: Mrs S Liszniansky, (Trafford). Ticket No. 39500.

B17 Raffle: 31st May 2017
•1st prize: Mrs B Bostock, (Stockport). Ticket No. 52149.
•2nd prize: Mrs W Dore, (Bangor). Ticket No. 6674.
•3rd prize: V Hollis, (Nottinghamshire). Ticket No. 12132.

A17 Raffle: 28th April 2017
•1st prize: Mrs A Lorkin. (Bromley). Ticket No. 05025.
•2nd prize: Mrs M Smith. (London). Ticket No. 16414.
•3rd prize: Mrs A Lowery. (Hatfield). Ticket No. 19632.

L16 Raffle: 31st March 2017
•1st prize: Mrs L Killian, (Bristol). Ticket No. 18201.
•2nd prize: Mrs J Chew, (Lancashire). Ticket No. 48221.
•3rd prize: Mr D Newsome, (East Yorkshire). Ticket No. 57594.

K16 Raffle: 28th February 2017
•1st prize: Ms J O'Neil, (Glasgow). Ticket No. 21063.
•2nd prize: Ms S Dudgeon, (Staffordshire). Ticket No. 324.
•3rd prize: Ms P Ausling, (Hornchurch). Ticket No. 9873. 

J16 Raffle: 31st January 2017
•1st prize: Ms P Cleghorn, (Cardiff). Ticket No. 35949.
•2nd prize: Ms G Metcalfe, (Peterborough). Ticket No. 1967.
•3rd prize: Ms Y Scammell, (Surrey). Ticket No. 32426.

If you are a winner and have not yet claimed your prize please contact a member of the Donor Care Team. Our next raffle draw (D17) will take place on 31st July 2017.