Caroline, Katie's mum, told us: "Katie is 17 today, and I am a very proud Mummy as the wall is full of fabulous pictures created by her, at Action for Kids... My favourite symbol is a butterfly and it is hanging proudly in my dining room. Thank you to your wonderful team for enabling me to feel so proud of Katie's achievements - she is determined to do her best and tries so hard at tasks the rest of us take for granted."

Lesley, Eddie's mum said: "Eddie always seem more grown up after he spends a few days at Action For Kids and he really enjoys the activities. We love the creative things he brings him and he is very proud of them! Thanks to all of the staff that make it possible."

This summer, our short breaks programme is themed around time travel and focussed on the early 20th century. Thoughout the programme students choose what they want to get involved with from an extensive list of choices: -

Creating short movies and animations with characters and props

  • History Arts - creating a diary in the theme of Anne Frank, making and decorating clocks for history of time, the fall of the Berlin Wall game
  • Music production and the vocal booth
  • Drama and theatre workshop
  • Arts and Crafts –

    • Making Picasso Cubist t-shirts, tie dye t-shirts, Jackson Pollock splatter paintings, pop art canvasses, hanging baskets, aged photos and frames, bracelets out of old magazines, tin can desk tidies, recycled paper, a lava lamp, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle terracotta pots, endangered species handprints and party decorations.

    • Building a replica Golden Gate bridge and a time machine.

    • Designing record covers, picture crosswords and word searches.

    • Creating a Superman & Batman comic cover and Modigilani 3D Figures

  • Science - Making a light bulb circuit, a model of an atom, tin can telephone, making and launching rockets, a rubber band powered car, a pumping heart, solar powered water mills
  • Food preparation, picnics and summer garden party
  • Sports - martial arts, inclusive cycling, climbing, abseiling, sensory trail, archery, horse riding, basketball, swing dance and yoga

Action for Kids is also supporting young people to give their feedback on our summer programme...

Our advocacy project is looking at new ways to gather young people’s views about the range and quality of the activities on offer over the summer. #Feedback Friday is all about empowering young people to have their say and help Action for Kids understand what they really want from their short break. Read more about it here.

Find out more here or contact Sam [email protected]