Aaron's first weekend out on a new trike

A specialised trike makes a massive difference to Aaron and his family’s lives...Read more

Felix's new smart trike!

Felix gets a new green bike in time for the summer holidays!Read more

Matthew takes to the park!

Five year old Matthew has recently received his new mobility trike thanks to a generous donation from The Light Fund.Read more

A message from Julia, Action For Kids' Mobility & Advocacy Manager

Our ambassador Dr Hannah Barham-Brown spoke at the British Medical Association’s annual representative meeting last week and positively, a motion was passed for users to have “timely access to chairs suitable for their individual conditions”.Read more

"I want to be a chef"

Action For Kids' student Adam gets a real work placement after doing so well in a mock interview with an employerRead more

"It's great!"

Jermaine gets his first paid internship...Read more

"This will change our lives"

Hannah got a powerpack for her manual wheelchair, enabling her parents to push her around on uneven paths.Read more

"Do you like my new bike?"

A yellow trike brings joy to Jack's life.Read more

Alex's 1st trike

Little Alex gets his first specially adapted trike so he can exercise safely and go out with his family.Read more

Getting out & about!

Determined and positive Matthew is given a trike that will help him be more independent and improve his quality of life.Read more