Santa had a problem - there were too many presents to deliver! Action For Kids stepped in to give eight lucky disabled children the opportunity to help Santa deliver all the presents in time.

Before these children could deliver presents though, each one needed specialist mobility equipment to get them mobile - otherwise they'd be stuck at home, unable to even cross the room on their own, let alone travel to the North Pole and then take to the skies (with a little Christmas magic from Santa).

This Christmas we wanted to provide the equipment that each of these children needs, not just to give Santa help on Christmas Eve - but on Christmas Day and long after they can still use their mobility equipment to move around on their own, and now the decorations have come down each one will still be independent. For each one of these children, that would be the best gift of all.

Christmas may be over, but disabled children still need a hand to get the mobility equipment that lets them take charge of their lives.

Noah, 5

Noah has muscular dystrophy, and it’s hard for him to walk on his own even at the age of five. A customised walking frame for Noah will give him the stability to walk around the house when he wants to.

Six-year-old Alfie is sadly unable to move by himself. He relies on his mum and dad to move even the smallest distance, because of a degenerative spinal condition. If you can make a gift, then Alfie could get anywhere in a powerchair designed for small riders - in snow, and long after the snow has gone.

A lightweight wheelchair could take seven-year-old Jessica to school and to the playground in 2018 and beyond.

If you can make a difference to these children, each one can have a new year that starts with new hope.

One night of helping Santa would be magical – but giving them their independence for the first time would be the real miracle.