Work experience for young people

Last week, Action For Kids was given the opportunity to take some of our young people to visit Sainsbury’s Muswell Hill in north London, where they were able to meet once again with Catherine Ling, the PR Ambassador for this particular branch. The aim of the trip was to allow the young people at Action For Kids to gain practical experience of the world of work, whilst understanding how an organisation such as Sainsbury’s operates. It is clear that there were many positive experiences throughout the day for the young people to learn from, here is a bit more about what they did.

One of the young people takes a sniff of some fresh herbs.

After their introductions with Catherine Ling, the young people, Faisal, Shruti, Nathan and Lilly were tested on their knowledge of fruit and vegetables. Everyone then had to look for the names of the different types of produce when Catherine asked them to, there were samples of olives and English cheddar cheese handed around at the Delicatessen, followed by a demonstration on how to fillet a fish at the Fishmongers.

Once this was finished, Catherine then handed everyone a basket and asked all the young people to choose six of their favourite items from the Grocery sections; this got each of the young people talking about the types of food Sainsbury’s have to offer their customers and what products could be used with one another.  It was clear that for some, keeping to six items presented a challenge in itself, but everyone enjoyed this opportunity.

 Then it was time to use the tills, so one by one each young person took turns to place all their items on the conveyer belt and then take their position behind the till. Supported by a supervisor, they were directed on how to put items through and then to inform the customer of the costs, ask if they had a loyalty card and to give the receipt - all done with a smile and some pleasant conversation.

An Action For Kids young person prepares to jump on the till.

Everyone, when asked, said they enjoyed the experience and would want to do again; working the tills was a particular favourite activity. These trips are designed with the objective of encouraging confidence in a work setting, to understand the different types of work that goes on and that more opportunities for work experience and beyond exist for our young people in companies such as Sainsbury’s.

You can see more photos from the trip on our Facebook page.

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