The AFK young people go camping

With another year’s long awaited camping trip now over, Action For Kids is buzzing with a fresh air of excitement and energy courtesy of our students; the kind that only a weekend filled with fun and laughter can bring. Having spent the weekend near Bournemouth experiencing the great outdoors, there are many stories to be told and memories to be shared with all who are willing to listen.

The camping trip is an annual event in the Action For Kids diary, aiming to give the young people a break from the sometimes hectic surroundings of city life, something which most of us can identify with. Our young people are given the chance to explore the great outdoors and participate in excursions such as going on walks or taking a day out to visit the local area; enabling them to socialise freely and happily with people they know and in an environment they feel comfortable in.

Two of our young people enjoying their weekend away
Before even speaking to Edna, one of our young people, the joy she feels is both visible and audible, as even a mention of the words ‘camping’ and ‘trip’ said in the same sentence evoke a laugh and smile that can only be taken as a sure sign of a good time. When asked about the activities she took part in whilst on the trip, Edna commented enthusiastically “We went to the arcade which was lots of fun and I played pool with some of the others.” The trip is designed with the young people in mind in a variety of ways, whether this is through encouraging the young people to live a healthy lifestyle while eating pasta al fresco, allowing them to become independent and confident by staying in a cabin, or going to a disco with their friends. These ideas are also promoted by our Work Related Learning department.  When Edna was asked what her favourite part of the trip was, she told us “I enjoyed the boat trip the most.”

In between the giggles and broken conversation brought about in the conjuring up of memories last weekend has created, the young people reminisce about the experience and it is clear that a good time was had by all; especially it seems at the disco, where there was lots and lots and lots of dancing.

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