11 year old Max needs your help getting a new wheelchair

Max wheelchair appeal 

I would like to introduce you to a young child named Max who needs your help in getting a powered wheelchair.


Max has a degenerative and life-limiting condition known as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which greatly reduces Max’s quality of life. Max’s condition was diagnosed at age five after it was noticed he had particularly poor balance and had difficulty in keeping up with his fellow classmates. Now at only just 11 Max has lost the use of his muscles and can no longer propel himself in a wheelchair. There is currently no known cure for this progressive muscle wasting disease, which is likely to cause fatal breathing problems by his late twenties.


Like most children his age, Max has interests that he’s very passionate about such as wildlife and swimming. Max is able to regularly receive swimming therapy sessions to ease the effects of his condition, but his wheelchair can only go on even ground, and stops him being able to explore. Whilst his body might be failing him, Max’s keen sense of adventure is what keeps him going and what puts a smile on the face of his mother Lisa and little brother Samuel.


Lisa, Max’s mum said “He gets very frustrated sometimes by this wheelchair that he’s using, because he remembers how much he used to be able to do, and he knows how much he’s lost. He used to really enjoy playing basketball, and would like to again with a standing chair”


Max will always need some assistance as his condition continues to deteriorate, but a powered standing wheelchair will allow him to regain some independence. This means he can at least do some of the things we may take for granted such as having fun with his friends or even more simply going to the kitchen to pour himself a drink. Max would like nothing more than to enjoy playing with his family and being as active as his body will allow.


Max would greatly benefit from an Etac 890 standing powered wheelchair. This will improve his quality of life by giving him the chance to properly take part in home and school activities. He will also receive the health benefits of a regular standing position, which will help his joints, circulation, muscles and breathing.


At a cost of £22,352 the Etac 890 Chair is far beyond what Max’s family can afford, but with your help you can help make his dreams come true. Whilst this may be an expensive piece of equipment this chair will allow him to enjoy his remaining years living the fullest life possible.


Max had a trial of the chair and took an instant liking to it, and his paediatrician says that the chair will deliver countless benefits to Max. Please send a gift today, and we’ll get this family the equipment that they need.