12 year old Danielle needs your help getting a new wheelchair

 Action For Kids Danielle Appeal

(Photo: Danielle receiving her first wheelchair in 2010)

Danielle has both quadriplegic cerebral palsy and scoliosis and now at the tender age of 12 has already had both hips replaced. She has an ever-increasing curvature of the spine and the effect of her cerebral palsy means she experiences muscle tightening and limited movement, in both her arms and legs. The combination of both conditions means that Danielle’s wheelchair has become her lifeline to the world around her.

Danielle was ecstatic to receive her first ever Hippo powered wheelchair from Action For Kids in 2010. Grandmother Paula told us:

“I’ve never seen anyone so happy as when we told her that the Hippo was ready. It was like seeing a new child. She started to approach other children at school, now she didn’t have to have a teacher pushing her. That chair is her legs.”

Danielle was able to start making really good friends at school, and as well as being a good student she’s been able to develop the confidence to “give anything a go”. Unfortunately, the powered electric wheelchair Action For Kids supplied to Danielle when she was aged eight is now too small for her. This presents immediate health problems for Danielle as she needs to maintain a comfortable and relaxed posture, which she can no longer do.

The benefits of helping Danielle get a new powered wheelchair go beyond even the great physical benefits she would receive. She will be more physically independent and maintain good health, but will also mean Danielle continues face challenges head on as she did when she got her first electric wheelchair. These are the first, but important steps in her becoming a lot more independent once she reaches adulthood.

Having been raised by her grandparents they understand better than anyone how much Danielle needs a new wheelchair. Danielle’s grandmother, Paula said:

“When she got the Hippo I can’t tell you how much it’s changed her life, because she is in control and she knows that she can do it herself. She doesn’t want things done for her – she wants to do it! She was hysterical when they told her she needed a new one, she’s really looked after it.”

Danielle needs a Sunrise Jive powered wheelchair. This new wheelchair will help her development for years to come. However, at a cost of £8,500 this is far beyond the means of Danielle’s grandparents.

The Sunrise Jive powerchair will be a long-term solution to solve an immediate problem for Danielle. The wheelchair is simple and easy for her to control and will be made to fit Danielle’s size. This ensures the greatest possible benefit to Danielle’s health and maximum durability.

Donate a gift to Danielle’s Appeal and help her take Her take her first steps towards independence.