Latest raffle winners:

F16 Raffle: 30th September 2016
•1st prize: Miss G Hurd, (Nottingham). Ticket No. 41333.
•2nd prize: Mrs V Heywood, (Exeter). Ticket No. 50599.
•3rd prize: Mrs L Birr-Pixton, (Cambridgeshire). Ticket No. 598.

E16 Raffle: 31st August 2016
•1st prize: Mrs B Dixon, (Hampshire). Ticket No. 43364.
•2nd prize: Mrs D Blazer, (Hertfordshire). Ticket No. 21180.
•3rd prize: Mrs M Forshaw, (St. Helens). Ticket No. 37372. 

D16 Raffle: 29th July 2016
•1st prize: Mrs S Ramsay, (Stockport). Ticket No. 40260.
•2nd prize: Mrs K Sharpe, (Derbyshire). Ticket No. 00222.
•3rd prize: Mrs B Pateman, (Stoke-on-Trent). Ticket No. 27028.

C16 Raffle: 30th June 2016
•1st prize: Ms S Wood, (West Yorkshire). Ticket No. 19523.
•2nd prize: Mrs D Dunnett, (Highland). Ticket No. 27662.
•3rd prize: Mrs D Stafford, (Gateshead). Ticket No. 18595.

B16 Raffle: 27th May 2016
•1st prize: Ms J Hartnell, (Cardiff). Ticket No. 37568.
•2nd prize: Mr J Collins, (Mid Glamorgan). Ticket No. 55801.
•3rd prize: Mrs P Willingale, (Devon). Ticket No. 8684.

A16 Raffle: 29th April 2016
•1st prize: Mr J McFadden, (London). Ticket No. 31122.
•2nd prize: Mr D Hedges, (Oxfordshire). Ticket No. 38491.
•3rd prize: Ms R Brown, (Shropshire). Ticket No. 60917.

If you are a winner and have not yet claimed your prize please contact a member of the Donor Care Team. Our next raffle draw (G16) will take place on 31st October 2016